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Set up in 2019 in conjunction with the arrival of BRC Issue 8 which introduced a number of new regulations, including BRC Clause 1.1.6 (Confidential Reporting System). Audits against the new standard commenced on 1st February 2019.

Award winning Whistleblowing solution which is now being used by thousands of employees globally.

Guaranteeing anonymity to all its users with fully automated email notifications.

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Principles Of Our Solution


Your employees and third parties can be assured that their submissions are 100% anonymous.

Automatic peace of mind

Food Safe Reports will automate whistleblowing for your company, save you time and ensure you comply easily and securely.

Unique secure portal

You will receive your own unique employer code for whistleblowing, accessible for both third parties and employees.

Easy dashboard reporting

At every step, you can view a dashboard showing all reports so that you always know where you are on any case.  View reports that are still being investigated or archive reports that are closed.

Multilingual Support

A solution that enables your employees or third parties submit reports in a selection of languages.

Cost effective

Low cost of implementation – when compared with traditional hotline providers.

Food Safe Reports

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Understanding the requirements of BRC Clause 1.1.6

Who does it effect?

And why!

The BRC Global Standard for Food Safety

Is a globally recognised set of standards.  These Standards apply to retailers, manufacturers, ingredients companies, food service organisations, and raw material processors as part of their supplier approval process.

The site’s senior management shall demonstrate they are fully committed to the implementation of the requirements of the Global Standard for Food Safety and to facilitate continual improvement of food safety and quality management.


BRC Clause 1.1.6

  1. The company shall have a confidential reporting system to enable staff to report concerns relating to product safety, integrity, quality and legality.
  2. The mechanism (e.g. the relevant telephone number) for reporting concerns must be clearly communicated to staff. The company’s senior management shall have a process for assessing any concerns raised.
  3. Records of the assessment and, where appropriate, actions taken, shall be documented.
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What to do next?

Reporting System
  • Reporting issues to management can often be quite difficult for employees or third party suppliers.  That’s why it is vital to establish a trustworthy Confidential Reporting tool that is user friendly and as straightforward as possible for your users.  This is where Food Safe Reports comes into its own.
  • The Mechanism for reporting concerns is via a secure web portal that your users can access using your unique company code.  This code is generated through registration.  Users can access this portal through any web based device, which means concerns can be logged outside of the workplace.
  • Company login is provided through the homepage, where an administrator can view all anonymous records and action same.
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